Tsamma. Performance Hydration.

In case you skipped ahead…our Tsamma story began on a small Midwest family farm, where we grow and sell watermelons. Being brought up on a family farm is a lot like playing sports and being on a team. We work hard, strategize, sweat and hope Mother Nature doesn’t rain out our game.

If we knew 30 years ago that putting our beloved crop in a bottle would create such a buzz among athletes and those seeking a post exercise recovery beverage, we would’ve done this…well 30 years ago. Whether you’re an athlete or still working on that New Year’s Resolution, getting the most out of each workout and achieving fitness goals is much easier when you recover quickly after exercise. In case you skipped ahead, twice…Every bottle of Tsamma contains high levels of Potassium, Lycopene and l-Citrulline. Your new training partner.