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Lolla meet Tsamma

Lolla meet Tsamma

It's just before noon. Sunglasses? Check. Wallet? Check. Wait, what am I missing? That's right...my Lollapalooza wristband!

You head out the door to catch your Uber ride; the driver, primly-garbed and clean shaven, asks for your destination. You begin to eagerly disclose your journey's end and mention fastest routes (you did your homework and monitored traffic via Google maps all morning), but then stop mid-sentence. "What's wrong?" he asks. You realize that you've forgotten one last thing.

You bolt back into the house, full speed. Bucky, the three year old Maltese, barks at you as you race past him without pausing for an embrace. You march up to the refrigerator and grab the handle. The door swings open and alas, there it is...Tsamma.

Phew, close call. As Tsamma-lovers know well, watermelon juice refreshes and hydrates like no other drink on the planet. From Friday, July 31st through Sunday, August 2nd, you won't need to worry about forgetting to bring Tsamma along for the ride; we'll be there by your side, listening to great music and spending time with both familiar and new faces.

Tsamma Juice is produced from Frey Farms watermelons. Frey Farms is headquartered in Illinois and one of the nation's top watermelon growers. We're delivering our product fresh off the farm and straight into the hands of our juice lovers. Need an afternoon pick-me-up after listening to Tove Lo? Not a problem. Tsamma will be at the Chow Town Food Court from 11am to 10pm everyday. Our beverage is perfect for the heat and excitement of summer music festivals - watermelon is the most hydrating food. Period.

A single bottle of Tsamma consists of one and half pounds of farm-fresh watermelon. And get this, there are tons of additional nutritional benefits! Tsamma is packed with lycopene, L-citrulline, potassium and vitamins A, C and B. Not only is lycopene an antioxidant that prevents certain types of cancer, studies have shown that it's good for your skin! While sunscreen is great for providing external protection from damaging UV rays, lycopene may provide internal protection from sunburn.

So, say goodbye to plain water and other sugary juices. Tsamma has no artificial flavors or sugar added. At Tsamma, we care about our beverage and the people who drink it. What better way to spread the love at our favorite summer music festival this year?

We'll see you at Lollapalooza. Until then, Tsamma-lovers!


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