Cold Pressed Juiced Watermelon Is All The Rage. But Why?


The summer season is starting to make waves in the other part of the globe. And if you happen to stay in that “other part of the globe” where the temperature is rapidly increasing, I know for sure that you are looking for ways to ease the heat that you’re feeling. Fret no more! Summer is also the season when watermelons are on its harvesting peak. Watermelons are one of the many fruits that contain an impressive amount of water that makes hydrating as a fun and delicious activity.

If you’re tired of eating a slice or two of watermelon as it is, then, the cold pressed juiced watermelon version can be a better alternative for you and here are the reasons why it is becoming more and more famous these days.

Reason # 1: Watermelon is a nutritious fruit and it is filled with vitamins and minerals that are perfect to keep the body healthy

Just like any other fruits available in the markets, watermelon is as nutritious as any others. According to a research, watermelon was proven to contain more lycopene than raw tomatoes. Lycopene is the powerful component that gives the fruits and vegetables the pink and red color. So, if you’re looking for an additional dose of lycopene, watermelon is another fruit that you can take alongside with tomatoes. Aside from being rich in lycopene, watermelon is also rich in vitamin C. Watermelon is also an effective muscle sore reliever regarding it as a great partner for fitness and sports enthusiasts. It effectively helps to relieve pain and shorten the recovery time.

Reason # 2: Cold press is a wise process that can help to extract the liquid from fruits or vegetables without affecting the nutrients

Cold pressing is increasingly turning into a mainstay favorite process which aims to extract the liquid from the fruits and vegetables without ruining the nutritional value. The process doesn’t require the use of additional heat, thus, the nutrients are preserved in its rawest form. On the other hand, raw cold pressed juiced watermelon can only last for three to four days before spoiling. In order to combat spoiling, most of the cold pressed juiced watermelon is processed trough pasteurization to preserve the product.

Reason # 3: Cold pressed juiced watermelon has less sugar than most juices available in the market

If you’re fond of drinking artificial flavored drinks or fruit juices, a cold pressed juiced watermelon is way better. Cold pressed juiced watermelon contains a lower amount of sugar. Even though it has lower levels of sugar, the sweetness it offers is as good or even better with commercially available fruit juices that are jam packed with too much sugar in it.

Reason # 4: Cold pressed juiced watermelon is delicious and healthy

Just like what was mentioned, watermelon is a wonderful fruit that contains a good amount of nutrition. With this reason alone, you should already consider how good drinking cold pressed juiced watermelon could be for you.