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From Seed to Bottle - Frey Farms Leads the Way in Best Growing Practices for Watermelon

From Seed to Bottle - Frey Farms Leads the Way in Best Growing Practices for Watermelon

One bottle of Tsamma Juice contains significant key antioxidants, nutrients, and essential vitamins from watermelons. The demand of delivering a fresh source of watermelon to our Tsamma Juice consumers each day is enormous, but our grower Frey Farms meets this challenge with honest and sustainable practices in farming and juicing. Watermelons are grown seasonally at Frey Farms, in various regions throughout the United States.  Errors or shortcuts in harvesting and juicing can ruin the natural benefits of watermelon. Therefore, we at Tsamma Juice, safeguard against nutrient loss with our strict protocols and harvesting methods. 

Frey Farms is committed to both the growing and the science of watermelons here in the USA. We continually research and invest in best practices to create leading watermelon products. The nutrient content of the fruit can be impacted by several variables, ranging from seed selection to the timing of the harvest. Fresh watermelons contain ample amounts of vitamins C, B6 and A, as well as lycopene and other nutrients such as citrulline. Through science and technology, we find what naturally occurs in the watermelon and extract it.  

As experts, we’re able to further enhance the nutritional integrity of the watermelons through our proprietary handling and juicing process.

 To preserve watermelon juice properly, the bottles must be chilled at the perfect temperature during transport, a responsibility we take seriously. Tsamma Juice uses technology such as thermography to monitor both the temperature of the bottles and the environment they are traveling in. Customers expect what is printed on the label to actually be what is in the bottle. We at Tsamma Juice meet this promise every day. 

 Tsamma Juice can be consumed as a sports drink replacement and be used as a way to help repair athletes after intense training and competition. Watermelon juice has potential far beyond hydration, as only a few servings throughout the day can reduce muscle soreness and help with electrolyte restoration. Recently Tsamma Juice collaborated with the National Champion Alabama Football team to help connect new science of functional fruit beverages and sports performance. Down the road we believe more health and performance benefits will be discovered, as well as better ways to administer watermelon juice for hard working athletes.

If you are serious about the science of watermelon in sport and wellness, feel free to download our Guide on Watermelon Science here.


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