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New Way to Beat the Heat with Tsamma Watermelon Juice

New Way to Beat the Heat with Tsamma Watermelon Juice

Spring training is one of those reminders that winter is wrapping up, and summer is not too far around the corner. Every Major League Baseball team is either in the dry heat of Arizona, or the hot and humid conditions of Florida as we speak. So what are sports teams doing to stay cool, properly hydrated, and nourished? Some sports teams are using watermelon juice to get the edge, and the San Francisco Giants are even rewarding their players with hydration trophies for compliance during the season. Hydration is extremely important, but teams are experimenting with serving sports beverages at near freezing temperatures. Why? The research supports that pre-cooling an athlete with an extremely cold drink can improve performance, provided that the right conditions are met.

Recent science on exercise in hot conditions is revealing that most of the challenge to keeping cool in sport is regulating the body’s core temperature. Two options exists with cooling the body for performance, internal and external methods. Athletes can cool themselves with external applications such as cold vests or cold water immersion, or they can drink an ice slurry, or a drink that is near the freezing point of water. Cooling the body from the inside works, and more and more athletes are experimenting with the right option that works for them. Each athlete is unique, and the research does show that very cold options of sport beverages may help athletes recover and perform better.

Athletes are not the only ones using pre-cooling techniques to perform better, current research on military and protection services like fire fighters highlighted that freezing drinks below typical serving temperatures can improve performance. It seems that not only does cooling the core of the body help, but cooling the brain will improve resilience to fatigue as well.  What we do know about performance and fatigue is that the brain gives up before the body does, and managing the perception of fatigue is likely just as important as fueling it. If the brain is the master control switch, cooling Tsamma Juice to near freezing temperatures could be the winning strategy for everyone, not just the heroes of professional sport.

You don’t need to cool Tsamma Juice to sub-freezing temperatures to gain a benefit, just having it a few degrees higher than freezing is enough to elicit a small benefit. Tsamma is an anytime beverage, meaning it’s a perfect choice for those needing a quick fueling option or those needing a recovery boost after a hard workout. No matter what approach you choose, chilled or nearly frozen, Tsamma Juice is mother nature’s perfect gift for pro athletes and regular joes to beat the heat.


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