You Should Experience Tour De Fresh At Least Once In Your Lifetime and Here's Why

Living a healthy life can be a challenge for most of us. Luckily, there are organizations and foundations that develop various programs in order to promote living a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits both for kids and adults. One of the most popular organizations these days is the Tour De Fresh that encourages industry collaboration creating dynamic change to raise awareness and fund change for schools and universities in the different parts of the region.

What is Tour De Fresh and what do they do?

Tour De Fresh actively promotes awareness about the common health and medical conditions experienced by children and adolescents. Primarily, Tour de Fresh discusses the harmful effects of irresponsible eating habits that can wreck havoc to the life of the children. In addition to that, Tour De Fresh conducts regular activities to raise awareness and promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Tour De Fresh is a bicycling event that gathers influencers and brands from the fresh produce industry.

Bicycling is considered as one of the most beneficial fitness activities that offers a good amount of benefits for the whole body. Thus, it is the perfect fitness activity that can encourage health buffs to join in. At the beginning, Tour De Fresh is an event conducted once a year. But, in the year 2016, the organizers decided to host two events.

  • Tour De Fresh is a collaborative and first-of-its-kind event created by The California Giant Foundation.

Tour De Fresh is the brainchild of the creative mind of people behind The California Giant Foundation. Additionally, Tour De Fresh is more than just an event that gives the participants the chance to enjoy the view and scenery along the way. It allows the participants to enjoy their passion, and at the same time raise awareness for the common good of children experiencing obesity.

  • Tour De Fresh aims to raise funds that benefit the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign spearheaded by Michelle Obama.

The Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign is one of the major projects and advocacies of the first lady Michelle Obama. She actively participates and promotes the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign in order to help and educate the students and parents regarding the importance of embracing the goodness of farm fresh products. In addition to that, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign aims to show that salad bar works just like how it should be.

  • Tour De Fresh aims to finance over 70 new salad bars in schools and universities.

This year’s Tour De Fresh event solidly aims to gather an ample amount in order to privately finance over 70 new salad bars in chosen schools and universities as the beneficiaries. Having new salad bars will allow the students to become more aware about the importance of consuming farm fresh products that are free from harsh chemicals.