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Q. What does “Tsamma” mean?

A. Tsamma (pronounced SAH-MAH) is the ancestor of all watermelons. The wild Tsamma melon has sustained life in the Kalahari Desert for thousands of years and is still used today for essential hydration. We chose the name to honor the ancestor.

Q. How do we turn our fresh watermelons into juice?

A. Our proprietary procedure captures the melon juice, and keeps all the color, wonderful flavors, and nutrients.

Q. This tastes sweet. You really don’t add any sugar?

A. Thanks to Mother Nature, Watermelons are naturally sweet. There is no need for us to add any sugar.

    Q. What is the nutritional profile of Tsamma Juice?

    A. The Nutritional Panel is on all of our labels. Tsamma has only 80 calories per serving, zero (0) fat, and is a good source of Potassium, Vitamins A and C, Calcium, Iron, L-Citrulline, and Lycopene

    Q. Is Tsamma Juice Non-GMO? What about Gluten-free?

    A.You betcha! Tsamma Juice is Non-GMO and Gluten-free, as well as soy free, and Vegan.

    Q. Is Tsamma Juice healthy for my children?

    A. Tsamma Juice is nutritious and delicious drink for children and adults. Tsamma Juice naturally contains rich antioxidants, essential amino acids, and is an abundant source of citrulline.

    Q. Can I drink Tsamma if I am lactose intolerant?

    A. Tsamma is dairy-free.

    Q. How long after my bottle has been opened is it still good?

    A. Tsamma is best if used within 70 days of bottling, and we put a ‘best by’ date on every label. We have found that most people drink the entire bottle within the first hour of opening.

    Q. Where can I purchase Tsamma Juice?

    A. Check out our Store Locator for more information on where you can purchase Tsamma Juice.

    Q. How can I get my local grocery store to carry Tsamma Juice?

    A. Please email info@tsammajuice.com and we’ll do our best to get your local store set up to carry Tsamma.

    Q. Does my Tsamma Juice need to be refrigerated?

    A. Tsamma is fresh juice, and therefore a perishable item. Keep it in the refrigerator, just like your other perishable items, until you are ready to enjoy.

    Q. From where is Tsamma Juice shipped?

    A. Tsamma Juice has numerous distribution points throughout the US. The primary shipping points are Florida and Indiana.

    Q. Why are shipping charges so expensive?

    A. Tsamma Juice is a fresh, perishable item so we express ship it overnight. This costs a little bit more but ensures you receive fresh, delicious Tsamma watermelon juice.

    Q. How do you ship Tsamma Juice?

    A. Tsamma is shipped in refrigerated trucks. For direct consumer orders, we ship via FedEx or UPS.

    Q .I don’t live in America. Can I still order Tsamma Juice?

    A. Please email info@tsammajuice.com for more information on international shipments.

    Q. Where is my online order?

    A. Check your email inbox for your Order Confirmation message, which should also contain a link to your current order status. Alternatively, please contact info@tsammajuice.com with any questions.

    Q. I have a problem with my online order.

    A. Please contact info@tsammajuice.com for all issues related to online ordering.